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Charles, Margot, Jordan and the Logies

Ok, Channel 9, this is Charles Cottier:

And this is Margot Robbie:

Both of the aforementioned people were nominated for Logie awards last night, but you wouldn’t know it from the telecast as the camera showed Ryan Corr during Charles’ nom, and Valentina Novakovic during Margot’s. Great job Channel Nine.

In other news, Jordan Rodrigues was looking very nice in a suit as he got up to accept the award for Dance Academy. A pic’s going up as soon as I can find one, but for now there’s this:

Bring on Dance Academy Series 2.

No Tomorrow, Chris Hemsworth and Red Dawn remake

So, I was searching Chris Hemsworth because I heard that he got the lead role in some big movie about Thor, and I was surprised to discover that he’s also been cast in a remake of Red Dawn.


A Red Dawn remake?

I can’t believe they’re remaking that crappy movie when they still haven’t made a film version of Tomorrow, When the War Began.

I mean, if you want Chris Hemsworth to help defend his country against invaders, he would have made a decent Kevin.

How long will I have to wait for this film?