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I love Game of Thrones (spoilers)

I just finished watching Episode 4 of Game of Thrones.

Now I have loved the show since its first second (actually, long before, I’ve been following its production since early 2009), but until this episode, the show itself had not given me that feeling, you know the one, the type of excitement and adoration that should really be reserved for more important things than a tv show. I don’t know why the feeling has just hit me, after all, it’s not as thought the show has taken a jump in quality (its been superb from the beginning).

Maybe it’s because Fringe has ended (for now, not forever, thank you TV gods) and now I actually have room for GoT (since I’d probably give myself a heart attack if I had such fervour for too many shows at once).

So, what happened this episode?

Well, Samwell Tarly was introduced and like every other character in this show, he is played by an excellent actor who really nails the role. Seriously, this show is so well cast. I can’t think of one cast member I dislike. Earlier in the production I was concerned about sticking close to book descriptions and wanting the cast to feel like the characters I imagined, but now I just don’t care. For instance, I was really upset to hear that Jennifer Ehle had been replaced by Michelle Fairley, and while I do still think Jennifer would have been awesome, Michelle just kills the role.

Speaking of, I’ve never been a huge fan of Lady Catelyn Tully-Stark, but I’ve always loved how she played that scene at the Crosswords Inn, and ever since HBO gave us all a glimpse of that scene so many weeks ago, cheekily cutting it off before the climax, I have been anxiously anticipating watching it in full and I’m happy to say that the show, and Michelle did not disappoint. I just love how even though the way Catelyn captures Tyrion is so completely awesome, storywise, her actions are completely stupid and have giant repercussions.

Now in the book, I was always delighted when Cat made poor decisions and basically vindicated my dislike for her, but show-wise, I already feel myself sympathising with her plight. Of course, I still love Tyrion. Peter Dinklage is brilliant in that role and as much as I’m excited for me, getting to watch him in that role, I’m so excited for him getting to play such a fantastic part.

My other favourite cast members:

Kit Harington. So, I find him extremely attractive on a physical level, so there’s that. He’s also playing one of my favourite characters, which only makes me love him more because he plays the role so well. I would have hated it if Kit had screwed up Jon. Loving characters I hated in the books is awesome, but hating or being disappointed in characters I loved in the books is plain unacceptable.  Of course, it’s not just the actor that brings a character to life (as much as I blame Chris Pang for ruining Lee in the film version of Tomorrow When the War Began, I blame the director and writers more), but we’re lucky everyone involved in this production is extremely talented.

Harry Lloyd. I remember when I first took notice of Harry, in a very superficial way, when he played Will Scarlett in Robin Hood. Since he seemed to do little else in that show but stand in the background looking hot, I assumed he couldn’t act. Then I saw him in Doctor Who. I am dumbfounded to this day that the writers of Robin Hood never gave this talented actor anything to do. So, anyway, I was stoked when I heard that Harry had scored the role of Viserys. I knew he would kill it, and he does. You have to respect anyone who can pull off Viserys’ ‘wake the dragon’ lines without melodrama.

Another actor who has made a character way more attractive than I imagined while reading the book is Aiden Gillen. I’ve never watched The Wire (I hear it’s great, but it’s never really seemed like my thing); the only thing I remember seeing Gillen in was an episode of Poirot. I enjoyed him in that, and I could easily see him playing Littlefinger. He has the perfect appearance for the role, though less smarmy and weaselly and more handsome than I imagined.

Maisie Williams. When I watch this girl, I forget that I’m watching a show. All I see is Arya. She’s such a natural. I also love her hairstyle. I look forward to watching her grow up on screen.

Actually all the kids are great. Jack Gleeson as Joffrey is not as handsome as I imagined, but geez does he act the part. Sophie Turner as well. I was worried about her seeming a little fake, but in context it totally works for the character. What teenage brats.

Miscellaneous Comments (as if this whole post wasn’t ill-structured from the start):

  • I can’t help it, but everytime I see Robb Stark (Richard Madden) I picture his head replaced by Grey Wind’s. This troubles me.
  • I’m loving all the new scenes. Like Jaime and Jory, and war stories with Barristan, Robert and Jaime. I loved getting to see Jaime basically living his day-to-day life. That is, his shithouse job being a door guard. Also loved getting to see more Theon this ep. I’m sure all the non-book viewers were wondering who this dude was.
  • I love how the random redheaded whore named Ros from the first episode has been made into a true character. Too bad she didn’t get to deflower Jon Snow (though I’m kinda happy he’s a virgin for reasons that trouble me a little). I wonder who’ll play the lucky Ygritte (well, somewhat lucky).
  • I always thought the whole ‘the seed is strong’ investigation thing, and the phrase itself, was one of the weakest parts of the book, and I’m finding it true for the tv show as well. Nice to see Gendry though. Shame about him and Arya. I was one of the ones who thought that they might hook up in the book. Clearly the show is not heading that way.
  • I’m not a fan of Bran’s endless dreaming in the book, but I don’t mind so much in the show. Mostly because it’s cut short for time. Also, love Old Nan.
  • It was nice to finally see Ghost this episode. More Ghost please.
  • Also, where was Ser Loras at the tournament? I hope they’re not cutting his joust with The Mountain that Rides.

Anyway, I’d better end my ramblings and go do something else. I’m so looking forward to the next episode. I can’t believe we’ll be halfway through the season. So happy the next book is out soon (I’ll be less happy if Brienne is dead) and that the show is getting a second season.