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10 Hot Guys with Dark Curls

Shallow post today. I was just thinking about how much I love guys with dark curls.

So I made a list of 10 famous ones.

1. Aidan Turner

You might recognise Aidan as Mitchell, the vampire in Being Human or as Rossetti in Desperate Romantics. He’s also going to play a dwarf in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

2. Kit Harington

Kit plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. He also has a lead role in the Silent Hill sequel movie.

3. Oscar Isaac

You might recognise Oscar as Prince/King John in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, as Blue in Sucker Punch, as Orestes in Agora, or maybe as Jose Ramos-Horta the future president of Timor-Leste in Balibo.

4. Anton Yelchin

Anton’s played a young Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation, a young Chekov in most recent Star Trek, the title character in Charlie Bartlett, the American boyfriend in Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, the kidnapped kid in Alpha Dog. Yeah, Anton’s been in heaps of awesome things.

5. Ioan Gruffudd

You might recognise Ioan as Horatio Hornblower in the Hornblower movies, Lancelot from King Arthur, Wilburforce in Amazing Grace, Mr Fantastic in Fantastic Four, that dude in Sanctum. He was even in Titanic.

6. Eric Bana

Eric’s played Hektor in Troy, a Mossad agent in Munich, the dad in Hanna, Henry in The Time-Traveller’s Wife and a different Henry in The Other Boleyn Girl, Romulus in Romulus, My Father, Nero in Star Trek, um…the Hulk in Ang Lee’s Hulk, Chopper Reed in Chopper. He was in that movie The Nugget and he even had his own stand-up/sketch show titled Eric.

7. Robert Sheehan

You may recognise Robert as Nathan in Misfits, the dude who wasn’t Rupert Grint in Cherrybomb. He also played a hooker in the Red Riding Trilogy. I remember him as the geeky friend in Foreign Exchange.

8. Sendhil Ramamurthy

You may recognise Sendhil as Mohinder in Heroes or that spy dude from Covert Affairs. Yeah, while I do like the fair skin with dark hair contrast, there are hot non-white guys with dark curls as well.

9. Bret McKenzie

Bret plays Bret in Flight of the Conchords. He also played that random elf in Lord of the Rings.

10. Adrian Grenier

Adrian played Vincent Chase in Entourage. He also played the boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada. I remember him best from the Melissa Joan Hart movie Drive Me Crazy.

Know any other hot famous guys with dark curls? Please let me know.