East of Eden, episode 9

In Macau:

Lee Dong Chul saves Guk Ja, even taking a bullet for her. Guk Ja overacts. (I still want this couple together, but it’s moving a little too quickly, but then I guess a kidnapping would heighten emotions, plus she’s young and he has guilt and honour issues). Mike’s part of the rescue party, and observes Guk Ja crying over DC’s beaten and shot arse.

Shin Tae Hwan knows Janice or Jae Hee. He recognised her wrist cutting scars (emo scars not suicidal). I’m guessing she’s his first love. She ignores him at first, and he seems very sad about it. I’m not feeling very sorry for him. Later he sees her again and it looks like he rejected her a long time ago so he could marry the daughter of the owner of Tae Sung Group (Janice also remarks on Tae Hwan’s seemingly eternal appearance). He then makes a huge mistake and tells Jae Hee that him betraying her worked out well for her in the end because she married Steve Packer’s (Mike’s dad) son and became the head of the Macau Harbour project. She’s amazed at his gall. Then he pleads for her to help him get in on the Macau harbour project by reminding her that he gave her up for Tae Sung, and that the company’s all he has. Janice just walks away.

Zhang Mei has a baby boy. I wonder what she and ken named him. She shows DC a newspaper article about Tae Hwan. So now DC knows TH is in town and beat up ken, kidnapped ZM and got DC to kidnap Guk Ja, not to mention how TH ordered DC to kill GJ. (All this and DC still lets TH go when he had him under his metal pole thing?) Dong Chul later muses over Tae Hwan. I guess he’s plotting revenge, or is annoyed at the article’s typeface. I’m very disappointed in Seung Heon in this scene. He needs to work on his eye acting, they often seem dead. So, Zhang Mei asks DC to be her son’s godfather, and she also asks him not to seek revenge on TH. DC, of course, then goes and plots his revenge (ie. the events that occurred at the beginning of episode 1).

Guk and Guk Ja arrive to Steve Packer’s birthday party. Mike proposes to Guk Ja. Mike’s looking rather dapper. I hate it when guys refer to themselves as playboys. At first, I thought the propensity for korean dramas to use the word ‘playboy’ was just a translation thing, but in East of Eden they’ve been using the word in English. Anyway, Mike seems to think Guk ja should be happy that he’s never proposed to anyone before. Surely he should have followed that line with ‘and my last proposal’.

So, Guk Ja comes to see DC. He’s an upstanding fellow so he tells her he wants nothing to do with her. She tells him she turned down a marriage proposal for him (poor Mike), and reminds him of the promise he made her back on kidnap island (that if they both survived, they would love each other). DC then submits to her request that he meet her father. I think Guk Ja’s sweet in this scene, but I wonder what DC’s thinking. Is it of Guk Ja or someone else?

So, Guk Ja takes DC to Steve Packer’s bday party, the second half I guess, as it’s now on a cruise ship instead of at a house. DC then learns that President Guk (Dae Hwa) is Guk Ja’s father, and just as I hoped, he has a beautiful, but too short, flashback to when Wang Gun first showed him President Guk. Guk Ja says she is superrich and that DC (she calls him beggar ahjussi again, which I like) can pretty much right his own cheque for saving her life.

Guk talks with DC. What I wanted them to talk about, but they didn’t: that TH was the one behind the kidnapping, that DC hates TH and that he killed his father, also that DC used to work in Guk’s Korean casino. Anyway,Guk likes DC and wants to help him progress in the casino game. Guk will also help DC with his illegal immigrant status and criminal record. Guk only has one condition: hands off Guk Ja. DC says he can’t promise that and turns down all that Guk offered him. Guk Ja eavesdrops and is happy about this. (I’m still not sure whether DC’s affections are already that strong or if he’s secretly planning something. I feel like he should be planning something, but who knows). He leaves and plots the TH revenge. Guk Ja comes up to him and tells him that he should have listened to her dad. He tells her that she should listen to her dad (and marry Mike). DC then says that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Guk Ja’s sad. Also, he says that the words that come out of her mouth aren’t beautiful, but her eyes are. Is that a compliment? I choose to believe that he’s thinking of eyes as the window to the soul, so he’s not so shallow.

Then comes a replay of the opening scenes of the drama, when Dong Chul confronts Tae Hwan and doesn’t kill him. The scene plays further after DC is trapped by the truck. His bike catches on fire and explodes, then there’s this craptacular shot of Dong Chul flying through the air away from the explosion. It has to be seen to be believed.

Meanwhile, in Korea:

Myung Hun and Wang Gun trash Chun Hee et al’s home. They also destroy all preparations for a local haraboji’s birthday party. What arseholes. I guess Ki sun’s regretting that angel remark. When Dong Wook arrives home, Chun Hee, once again, places the world (ie. The family’s honour, future, hopes and dreams) on his shoulders.

Myung Hun shows Ji Hyun pictures of Dong Wook and Hye Rin, then later when Wang Gun comes in, MH refers to JH as his lover and JH says nothing (I do not get this couple. Is MH just delusional or what is JH been doing with him? ). Myung Hun plans to destroy DW’s village, JH hears and despite MH’s warnings, she goes to warn DW. She runs into Chun Hee on the way and they have their usual argument, which ends in JH declaring her love for DW and running off to find DW hanging out with Hye Rin (DW’s so puppy dog cute). JH reacts just like you’d expect from a girl who dresses like she does. She’s jealous, and afraid for DW, but she’s just ridiculous in this scene. She asks him to give up the fight for the poor and storms out to be confronted by Hye Rin. Ji Hyun is very threatened by how much Hye Rin and DW have in common. Hye Rin does act superior in this scene, so JH’s defensiveness isn’t entirely unwarranted. Still, she’s only a few octave’s short of hysterical. She runs off and DW follows her and reaffirms his love. JH later tells Chun Lee that if she stands between her and DW, JH will hold a grudge against her to the height of the grudge CH holds against Tae Hwan.

Next time: Still no word from Nurse Yoo? DC’s coming home? Yeah!

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story, Chapter 2


Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story 

Chapter 2. 

The Wife. 

Detective So Yi Jeong 

5 Jan. 

0930 hours. We inform the widow of her husband’s death. She appears shocked. She slumps in a chair and begins to cry. I search her face. Is she genuine? 

0940 hours. She hasn’t stopped crying—wailing. Often women think they look pretty when they cry, but it’s really not true. If this Geum Jan Di thinks she can fool me by playing on my male sympathies, she’s mistaken. I hand her my handkerchief. If she’s a grieving widow, I offer it in good faith. If she’s a black widow, I hope she keeps to a faith—she’ll need it. 

Song comforts her more directly. She clings to him like any other woman would. I wait for her tears to stop. I wonder how this vulgar girl ended up married to one of the most eligible men in the country. I remember all the papers asked the same question. A dry cleaner’s daughter and a chaebol heir? 

Well, it was no accident; the couple had no children. It wasn’t business; she had no connections. It wasn’t money; she had none, and he had more than enough. I glance over her body, but even with effort, the most this girl could hope for was ‘decent’. 

My patience ends. 

‘Mrs Geum Jan Di,’ I say gently. She looks at me. I smile. She doesn’t smile back. It seems she’s as equally immune to me. I am disconcerted, then I remember my black eye. Curse that damn girl.

Mrs Geum Jan Di pulls herself from Song, and wipes away her tears. 

‘You found him on the beach?’ she asks. 

Song returns to sit beside me and opposite her. ‘Yes mam,’ he says. 

‘When was the last time you saw your husband?’ I ask. 

‘Yesterday evening.’ She shakes her head. ‘I didn’t realise…I thought he’d…I’d forgotten…we didn’t realise…how could…fall overboard.’ She was working herself into a panic. I take her hands into mine and look her in the eyes. 

‘Calm down Mrs Geum Jan Di,’ I say. I smile again. Women usually find it comforting, but suspects alway find it disarming, black eye or no, I am So Yi Jeong. 

‘You mentioned something about someone falling overboard,’ Song says. 

Mrs Geum Jan Di reacts to his tone; she takes her hands back from mine, and sits up straight. 

‘Isn’t that what happened?’ she asks. ‘My husband, washed up on the beach. He must have fallen overboard.’ 

Song and I share a look. 

‘Mrs Geum Jan Di,’ Song says, ‘your husband was murdered.’ 

I watch her face closely. Her expression moves from surprise to confusion to anger. She howls. She launches out of her chair and grabs Song by his lapels. ‘My husband was murdered?’ 

Song is not happy about the intrusion into his personal space. His hands immediately clasp around hers. 

‘Mrs Geum Jan Di,’ I say sternly. I place a hand on her arm. ‘Please sit down.’ She pays me no heed. 

‘What do you mean murdered?’ Her words spit into Song’s eyes. 

‘Mrs Geum Jan Di!’ I say again. Song pulls her hands from his jacket and forces her back into her seat. When he sits back down again, he straightens his jacket, but his face remains perturbed. Mrs Geum Jan Di is lucky she was born the fairer sex. 

She appears genuinely distressed. She stands up and walks across the room. She turns and walks back. Song stands up defensively, but Mrs Geum Jan Di just says, ‘What happened?’ 

‘Mrs Geum Jan Di,’ I say, ‘if you would please sit down, Detective Song and I will happily answer any questions you may have, but we also ask that you answer ours as well.’ 

Mrs Geum Jan Di seems taken aback. ‘Am I…I am a suspect?’ She sits back down, and so does Song. 

‘Mrs Geum Jan Di,’ Song says, cool professionalism replaces his previously genial manner, ‘your husband was dead before he entered the water. He sustained a heavy blunt force injury to the back of the head. Other wounds suggest he fought with his attacker prior to the killing blow. His body had been wrapped in a tarp and weighed down with fishing sinkers; however, whoever did it, didn’t take enough care. The body got free and floated for several hours, til a young couple discovered it washed up on the beach this morning.’ 

‘I’ll ask if you could refrain from referring to my husband as ‘it’, Detective Song.’ 

‘I apologise, but Mrs Geum Jan Di, you said that you last saw your husband yesterday evening, correct? Can you give us an approximate time? Also, where did you last see him?’ 

‘About 8pm. On the boat,’ she says. 

‘The boat,’ I say, ‘You mean your family’s yacht?’ 

She nods. 

‘Why were you out on the boat Mrs Geum Jan Di?’ 

‘We—my husband and I—have both been pretty busy lately. I’ve been overseeing the restoration of our house, and he’d been busy recording his new album, and organising a new scholarship competition through his family’s foundation, so we thought it might be nice to spend the night together on the yacht.’ 

‘You wanted to spend the night together, but you last saw him at 8pm. What happened?’ 

‘I was tired. I went to bed.’ 

‘Without your husband?’ 


‘Was there anybody else on board besides you and your husband?’ 

‘Just the staff, but they couldn’t have done this. They’re all really nice people. Friends.’ 

‘We’d still like their names Mrs Geum Jan Di.’ 

‘Our chef, Bom Chun Sik, and two waitresses/maids, Ha Jae Kyung and Chu Ga Eul. Also, Captain Jung, Jung Sang Rok, he’s worked for my husband’s family for years. He’d moored the yacht just off the coast. My husband and I took a smaller boat out to get there. Later, when I noticed my husband was missing I thought he must have taken the smaller boat back to shore. I’d forgotten that Captain Jung had already taken it back earlier that evening.’ 

I note down the names. They’ll all need to be interviewed. 

‘Captain Jung didn’t stay on the boat?’ She shakes her head. ‘But the chef and the maids, they remained until they returned with you this morning?’ She nods. ‘So, when we talk with your staff, they’ll confirm that you retired to sleep at 8pm and remained in your room all night?’ 

‘Yes,’ she says tentatively. She hesitates then admits, ‘They might also mention that my husband and I argued before I went to bed.’ 

‘So, you didn’t retire because you were tired, you retired because you were angry with your husband.’ 

‘No! I was tired, tired of arguing, but I wasn’t angry at my husband. The argument wasn’t like that.’ 

‘What did you argue about?’ 

‘It’s private.’ 

‘We’re conducting a murder investigation Mrs Geum Jan Di. Nothing is private.’

‘It was inconsequential. Just about…stuff to do with the renovation. I wanted to alter the banister, make it more modern, while he wanted it to remain the way it is. He’s old-fashioned.’ 

She’s lying, and she knows we know she’s lying. 

She sits quietly then says, ‘I love my husband. He was my soulmate.’ 

Soulmate? Honey, there’s no such thing. 

‘What about Min Jae Ha,’ Song asks.

‘Excuse me?’ Her face hardens at the mention of her lover’s name. ‘You can’t believe everything you read in the newspapers, or every piece of gossip you hear. Isn’t that right, Detective So?’ 

They both turn to look at me. 

It’s true I’ve had my share of scandals. I stay clear of married women, but every so often, they don’t stay clear of me. I wonder which ones were acquaintances of Mrs Geum Jan Di and how much they told her about me. 

‘So, you’re not involved with Min Jae Ha?’ 

‘No. He’s just a friend.’ 

I believe her, but, ‘Did your husband believe that?’ 

‘Of course,’ she says, ‘he trusts me. He’s the sweetest, kindest person I’ve ever met. I don’t understand how anyone could hate him enough to murder him.’ 

‘What about Jae Ha?’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Is Jae Ha interested in you?’

‘I’ve made my feelings perfectly clear to him. And, whatever you’re suggesting, Jae Ha is currently in Macau doing a photoshoot and he’s been there for the past week.’

I can’t imagine an international model like Min Jae Ha wanting a women such as Geum Jan Di so desperately that he would hire someone to kill her husband.

A knock at the door interrupts my thoughts. Mrs Geum Jan Di silently asks our permission to answer it. We nod our assent.   

‘Jan Di-ah!’ 

She opens the door and a man enters the room. He sweeps Mrs Geum Jan Di into a tight hug. I don’t recognise the man, but his face, his voice, his hair, his posture, his designer clothing, everything about him reeks of money and entitlement.   

‘I just heard it on the news,’ the man says. 

Damn crows. Now, they’ll be clawing at our backs until we solve this case. 

‘Don’t worry Jan Di-ah,’ the man says, ‘I’ll find out who did this to Ji Hoo-ah, even if it’s the final act of the great Gu Jun Pyo.’ 

Gu Jun Pyo, head of Shinhwa Group. I note the intimate way he holds Geum Jan Di to his body. 

I share a look with Song. We understand each other without words. If we have to take on Shinhwa, our career-making case could easily become a career-ending case. 

We suspend our interview with Geum Jan Di. I glance at the list of names on my notepad: Jung Sang Rok, Bom Chun Sik, Ha Jae Kyung, and Chu Ga Eul. 

What do they know about the murder of Yun Ji Hoo?

Coming up next…

Chapter 3: The Usual Suspects
Part 1: Jung Sang Rok

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story, Chapter 1


Please read the Story Main Page first: Click here

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story

Chapter 1. 

The Body 

Detective So Yi Jeong 

5 Jan.

0600 hours. The phone rings. It’s the Captain. A body was found washed up on the beach near the pier. He tells me to hurry before the crows descend. 

0640 hours. I’m late. The scavengers don’t even feel the cold; they get their warmth from the heat generated by their bulbs. The uniforms hold them back and guide me pass the barrier. Song salutes me as I struggle down a shifting dune, and then greets me in his usual way: 

‘Yo, my bro.’ 

Detective Song Woo Bin. My partner, and my best friend since childhood. 

Song gestures towards my eye—she must have hit me harder than I thought—and shakes his head knowingly. 

‘Never interrupt a woman’s beauty sleep,’ the bastard says. I ignore him and approach the Captain. 

‘So Yi Jeong,’ he reprimands. He doesn’t comment on my bruised eye. He looks tired. I glance at the crows. They’re squawking. I can tell the Captain’s tempted to throw them a slice of the meat, so his lined mug doesn’t grace the papers tomorrow morning. I turn to my side. I don’t want that bitch’s mark to grace the papers either. 

Under the pier stands a young couple. The man holds the woman close. It’s a cold morning, and they’ve just witnessed something terrible, but he doesn’t hold her only for comfort. The way he holds her, he wants her close, just so she’s close. I remember that feeling. 

‘Yo, Yi Jeong.’ Song calls me to the body. Korean male, late 20s, tall, slim build. He’s dressed in cream trousers and white socks, but his torso’s naked. The skin is smooth; he mustn’t have been floating long. I look at Song. He kneels down and gestures towards the back of the head. 

‘Blunt trauma,’ I say. Song nods. ‘What else?’ 

‘Signs of a struggle. Defensive wounds on the hands and arms, clean cuts,’ he pulls on a glove and carefully turns the head, ‘and this.’ 

I remember the face I had seen on billboards as I drove to the pier, a face a million females dream about each night as they lay beside their husbands, a face reportedly worth 500 billion won in endorsements alone. I remember that face, but it’s not the face in front of me now. 

It probably began as a simple cut, a swipe cheek to cheek. It was not the cause of death. If it had been treated, it would have left a scar, but he’d still be more handsome than most of us can ever dream to be. Instead, he was killed, left to fester in the sea. The saltwater curled the skin back and the little critters were grateful. 

I turn to Song. 

‘You know who this is.’ He nods. I gesture to the crows. ‘Do they?’ 

‘They will soon enough, not to mention us as well.’ 

‘What?’ He grins. 

‘Come on bro, a case like this? It’ll make our careers.’ 

I’m used to Song’s indifference to murder. He’d seen a lot worse than a blunt force floater before even reaching the age of five. To him, another stranger was dead. To me, well, dead men still get to me. 

Song has a point though. This case, the media it will generate… I’m getting ahead of myself. 

‘If we solve it,’ I say. 

‘Yo, man,’ Song slaps my back, ‘positive thoughts. We’re Song and So, you think we can’t solve some pretty boy murder? Hell, I’d put down money right now. It was the missus.’ 

‘You think so, Song?’ says the Captain. He wears a severe look that Song is well accustomed to. ‘How about you two pretty boys go find out.’ He hands us an address. It’s to a hotel, and to the dead man’s wife: Mrs Geum Jan Di.

The investigation begins in… 

 Chapter 2: The Wife

East of Eden, episode 8

Short summary:
Dong Wook and new love interest/fellow law student, Min Hye Rin, are arrested, then released. They bond. Tae Sung Group is trying to demolish DW’s village, but he (and Hye Rin) take up the cause. Chun Hee further warns DW off JH, but DW’s all ‘I love her. I don’t care if she’s two-timing me’ (she isn’t, although Myung Hun probably feels differently).
In Macau, Dong Chul gets that job at the casino. He also gets in deeper with Guk Ja as she pretends Dong Chul is her boyfriend to get out of any potential arranged marriage with Myung Hun. Tae Hwan has Guk Ja followed and attains pictures of her with Dong Chul. TH doesn’t immediately try to kill DC, but instead blackmails him into kidnapping Guk Ja (TH took his pregnant lady friend, Zhang Mei?, hostage). So Guk Ja is kidnapped and she feels betrayed, and sings a beautiful song, before DC decides to help her escape. She decides that he must love her, or is falling in love with her, to suddenly backtrack on kidnapping her. She says she’ll escape without him if he promises to also survive and live to love her. There’s a kiss.


• So,Dong Wook’s new love interest, Min Hye Rin, is the famous Lee Da Hae. Why did I assume she was going to turn up as Dong Chul’s love interest? I stopped myself from being too hopeful for the Guk Ja-Dong Chul romance as I thought Lee Da Hae would come and mess it up. I guess she still could, but that’d be way in the future if ever.
• I liked how DC told Guk Ja to leave, then all of a sudden decided to show her his awesome body. Mixed signals, Dong Chul-ah!
• I’m getting my Kim Bum fix via Dong Wook, as every time he thinks about Dong Chul, he’s thinking about Kim Bum.
• DC’s storyline is far more interesting than DW’s at the moment.
• Tae Hwan ordered some girl to rape his son? Myung Hun is so pitiful, but it’s hard to continue to feel sorry for him when he treats Ji Hyun so badly. He needs to learn the true meaning of love.
• I had hoped Dong Chul would see Tae Hwan first instead of what happened. Still, I’m looking forward to his blow up when he discovers Tae Hwan’s in Macau and behind that whole kidnap business.
• The whole love confession thing between Guk Ja and DC was a bit much. My estimation of her went down a little. They’re still my favourite hetero coupling on the show though.

In other news, a possible but unlikely to be, 24 season 6 or 7 spoiler.

Tony Almeida just killed Larry Moss. What the? I need to rewatch season 1, I’m having a hard time remembering Tony as a love struck junior agent. I can’t believe they brought my favourite character back from the dead just to make him evil. The shaved head was bad enough. What would Michelle think of you, Tony?

East of Eden, episode 7

Short summary:

DC made contact with DW. DC became friends with Mike and got a job at the casino, then Mike took it all back. Grace/Young Ran/Guk Ja, who wins the prize for most names  on this show, becomes enamoured with DC, despite Mike being in love with her. Tae Hwan arrives in Macau. Nurse Yoo arrives in Macau. A lady named Janice (Mike’s business rival/sister-in-law) also arrives in Macau. DW tells Chun Hee the truth about the fire.  Chun Hee disowns Ji Hyun after Myung Hun claims her for his own despite no encouragement from Ji Hyun. DW gets a new suit from his mum, paid for by DC, and new shoes from Ki-Sun. Both these items are ruined when some sort of riot breaks out on his first day of uni. Myung Hun flys to Macau, because Tae Hwan wants him to hook up with Guk Ja.


  • I loved that phone call, although I think Dong Chul went one ‘DONG WOOK-AH!’ too far.
  • And the truth finally comes out. Good on you Dong Wook, although, now you’ve made your mother feel like a real bitch.
  • I really like Guk Ja (I’m using the name that came from her own mouth, although if DC starts calling her different, I’ll swap), she’s cute. I hope Dong Chul falls for her.
  • Mike’s good looking in that typical American way, but ‘She is my queen!’ I LOLed.
  • What’s the population of Korea? What a small world running into the same people and in a different country too. I love it when characters just avoid meeting, as long it  doesn’t happen too often. I hope Dong Chul sees Tae Hwan first, but the previews seem to say otherwise.
  • I think they should have had a close up of that Lee family picture.
  • Though the Ji Hyun and Dong Wook kiss was the standard lip press, it was one of the most passionate I’ve seen yet.
  • Ji Hyun’s even more annoying this episode. She’s coming across as a Jung Ja in waiting, and now she’s got a real rival . Will she end up settling for Myung Hun and pining after DW for the rest of the show? I really don’t want to have to watch that.
  • Also, I have no idea how the Ji Hyun/Myung Hun relationship has developed over the past ten years, when he acts like they’re already married and she acts like he’s an annoying stalker.
  • Janice is very beautiful.
  • What! Nurse Yoo is back already? Why am I so surprised? Maybe the truth about the baby swap will come out sooner than I thought.
  • I love how Dong Wook said ‘please live a long life [until I can get my revenge]’ . He’s my main eye candy for this show now that Kim Bum’s gone (not that everybody else on the show isn’t also attractive. I just like this guy the most).
  • What was that at the university? It seemed so random that I have come to think it must have been an actual historic event. How crazy.
  • So, DW’s found himself a fourth for his love square. I like her shoes, but that’s all I can say about her at the moment.
  • I think that I can only enjoy the atrocious English because of some very kindly subtitling, so no matter how indecipherable it is, it doesn’t affect my understanding of the show.

Picture Fiction 1: Lichtenstein’s goldfish bowl and golf ball

Roy Lichtenstein, 1972, Still life with goldfish bowl and painting of a golf ball

Roy Lichtenstein, 1972, Still life with goldfish bowl and painting of a golf ball

Not every picture is worth a thousand words. I could only get 149 out of this one.

A TALE OF THREE FISH, word count: 149

Steve knocked his head against the glass and drifted backwards. 

‘Wotcha doin’ Steve?’ asked Archie. 

Steve knocked his head against the glass and drifted backwards. 

‘What is he doing, Archie?’ asked Jasper.

‘I donno, causin’ brain indry.’ 

Steve knocked his head against the glass and drifted backwards. 

‘What is that Archie?’ asked Jasper.

‘Wot’s wot?’

‘That giant, yellow thing.’

‘Wot yella fing?’ 

Jasper knocked his head against the glass and drifted backwards.

Archie knocked his head against the glass and drifted backwards. 

‘It’s a golf ball,’ declared Jasper.


‘It looks like a yellow golf ball.’

Jasper swam around. ‘See, it has the same small indentations covering its surface as the golf ball in that painting.’

‘Wot ’bout its wonky shape?’

‘Golf is a brutal sport.’ 

Steve knocked his head against the glass, drifted backwards, turned on his side and floated to the surface. 

‘Where’s Steve?’ asked Jasper.


No Tomorrow, Chris Hemsworth and Red Dawn remake

So, I was searching Chris Hemsworth because I heard that he got the lead role in some big movie about Thor, and I was surprised to discover that he’s also been cast in a remake of Red Dawn.


A Red Dawn remake?

I can’t believe they’re remaking that crappy movie when they still haven’t made a film version of Tomorrow, When the War Began.

I mean, if you want Chris Hemsworth to help defend his country against invaders, he would have made a decent Kevin.

How long will I have to wait for this film?