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Kim Bum

kim bum 1

Looking suave! (Don't you think he looks a bit like Joseph Gordon-Levitt here?)

I have such a crush on Kim Bum right now. It’s been a while since I’ve had a celebrity crush so severe, I think the last one was Colin Morgan (who’s still so cute, I love that Merlin’s on tv now).

Kim Bum was the first of the F4 I took notice of when I started watching BBF–he’s definitely the cutest. Minho, however, I think is the most handsome (although his curly hair confused me for few eps, then I started finding the perm massively hot). Gu Jun Pyo was the character I fantasised over the most while watching BBF. Then, when the show finished, Woo Bin’s smooth voice and ghetto english was what I missed the most. If the F4 were real, Woo Bin is definitely the guy I’d go for. But now I couldn’t care less about those two, it’s all about Kim Bum.

I think reviewing SoEulmate clips, and seeing how cute he is with Kim So Eun, ignited my interest, but I don’t think this crush will last that much longer. Bum is just too young and pretty to seriously fantasise over. He’s also Korean, and I’m not sure how good his English is, so there’s always translation problems when I imagine us meeting.