Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story, Chapter 3 Part 1

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects

Part 1: Jung Sang Rok

Detective Song Woo Bin

5 Jan.

1105 hours. Every crow in the city stands between us and the station. Their beady eyes gleam as I open the car door. They descend almost immediately and for once, I’m not sure there’s enough of me to go around.

I follow Yi Jeong’s lead. He pushes through them, not even pausing for a quick ‘no comment’. Strange. My bro’s usually a ho for the crows, especially the cute ones. I wonder if his black eye has put him off his game.

We make it inside, limbs intact. I tell my boy that his eye makes him look gangsta, that the crows don’t know it came from some dumb moll who didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘casual’. Yi Jeong doesn’t face me as he grins and slaps me on the back. He leaves and walks to the front desk. I hear him tell the receptionist to ensure our suspects/witnesses enter through the side door.

I wonder if I’m wrong about how he earnt that eye.

1310 hours. Captain Jung Sang Rok enters the interrogation room. He sits in the provided chair. He’s a tall man, and austere. Yi Jeong and I offer him coffee and donuts. He declines.

‘Interview with Captain Jung Sang Rok commences, 1311 hours.’

Yi Jeong takes point. I hang near the back to observe, otherwise known as relaxing on a caffeine high. Easiest part of the job.

‘You understand why you’re here Captain Jung.’

Jung nods.

‘You need to voice your responses Captain Jung.’

‘Yes, I understand.’

‘You are personally as well as professionally acquainted with Yun Ji Hoo, is that correct?’

‘Yes, my father was employed by Master Ji Hoo’s grandfather and his father and I were childhood friends. After the death of his parents, I tried to be there for him as much as I could and after my retirement, he offered me a job and I accepted.’

‘You were in the navy for twenty-two years, attaining the rank of Captain?’

Jung nods. ‘That is correct.’

Yi Jeong continues to question Jung’s relationship with the dead man. I watch Jung closely. He speaks calmly and securely. The stark opposite to that woman. His eyes are dry, but I see the sadness. This man grieves.

Yi Jeong asks Jung to recount the previous evening’s events and Jung confirms what the wife had already told us: Jung prepared for the Yuns arrival, left the yacht around seven after the couple had settled in, and went directly home to his family.

My instincts about people are excellent, I’m alive today because of them, and right now they’re telling me that whatever happened to Yun Ji Hoo, this man was not a part of it, and if he knew anything, he would have sought us out long before we needed to call him in. But a man’s gut feeling isn’t proof, not by the law anyway, and by the law is the path I’ve chosen to follow.

‘How did the couple seem yesterday evening?’ Yi Jeong asks.

‘Mistress Jan Di did not kill Master Ji Hoo.’

I pre-empt Yi Jeong and ask, ‘So who did?’

My partner turns to frown at me. I ignore him. Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach.

Jung takes a few moments. I sense he wants to help catch Yun’s killer, but he isn’t able to. His lips form a straight line. ‘I don’t know,’ he says.

I place a hand on Yi Jeong’s shoulder. He understands. The others would ignore my instincts, but Yi Jeong trusts me. He’s always had my back, even when we were small.

‘Interview suspended 1332 hours. Thank you, Captain Jung. Please call us if you remember anything else.’

Jung nods, bows and takes his leave.

‘Man doesn’t know anything,’ I say. ‘Do you believe him about the wife?’

Yi Jeong turns to stare at me through his bad eye. ‘The faithful man is the easiest to fool,’ he says. Somehow, I know he’s not talking about Jung Sang Rok. 

Song and So continue to get their detective on in…

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects
Part 2: Bom Chun Sik

    • Sweetycrazed
    • November 20th, 2013

    Hey!!!…just read ur ff n luvd it…it’s awesome!!..I liked the way u hv portrayed d characters mainly song woo bin n so yi jeong…so it’s a murder…y I think it’s jae kyung…:/..she must knw something more thn tht …I find her fishy though I would Lyk to read more f her n Don Juan as well as abt d country pumpkin n Casanova…now this is going on a interesting plot n m dying to read more…pls do update soon n pls continue!!!…

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