10 Hot Guys with Dark Curls

Shallow post today. I was just thinking about how much I love guys with dark curls.

So I made a list of 10 famous ones.

1. Aidan Turner

You might recognise Aidan as Mitchell, the vampire in Being Human or as Rossetti in Desperate Romantics. He’s also going to play a dwarf in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

2. Kit Harington

Kit plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. He also has a lead role in the Silent Hill sequel movie.

3. Oscar Isaac

You might recognise Oscar as Prince/King John in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, as Blue in Sucker Punch, as Orestes in Agora, or maybe as Jose Ramos-Horta the future president of Timor-Leste in Balibo.

4. Anton Yelchin

Anton’s played a young Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation, a young Chekov in most recent Star Trek, the title character in Charlie Bartlett, the American boyfriend in Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, the kidnapped kid in Alpha Dog. Yeah, Anton’s been in heaps of awesome things.

5. Ioan Gruffudd

You might recognise Ioan as Horatio Hornblower in the Hornblower movies, Lancelot from King Arthur, Wilburforce in Amazing Grace, Mr Fantastic in Fantastic Four, that dude in Sanctum. He was even in Titanic.

6. Eric Bana

Eric’s played Hektor in Troy, a Mossad agent in Munich, the dad in Hanna, Henry in The Time-Traveller’s Wife and a different Henry in The Other Boleyn Girl, Romulus in Romulus, My Father, Nero in Star Trek, um…the Hulk in Ang Lee’s Hulk, Chopper Reed in Chopper. He was in that movie The Nugget and he even had his own stand-up/sketch show titled Eric.

7. Robert Sheehan

You may recognise Robert as Nathan in Misfits, the dude who wasn’t Rupert Grint in Cherrybomb. He also played a hooker in the Red Riding Trilogy. I remember him as the geeky friend in Foreign Exchange.

8. Sendhil Ramamurthy

You may recognise Sendhil as Mohinder in Heroes or that spy dude from Covert Affairs. Yeah, while I do like the fair skin with dark hair contrast, there are hot non-white guys with dark curls as well.

9. Bret McKenzie

Bret plays Bret in Flight of the Conchords. He also played that random elf in Lord of the Rings.

10. Adrian Grenier

Adrian played Vincent Chase in Entourage. He also played the boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada. I remember him best from the Melissa Joan Hart movie Drive Me Crazy.

Know any other hot famous guys with dark curls? Please let me know.

I love Game of Thrones (spoilers)

I just finished watching Episode 4 of Game of Thrones.

Now I have loved the show since its first second (actually, long before, I’ve been following its production since early 2009), but until this episode, the show itself had not given me that feeling, you know the one, the type of excitement and adoration that should really be reserved for more important things than a tv show. I don’t know why the feeling has just hit me, after all, it’s not as thought the show has taken a jump in quality (its been superb from the beginning).

Maybe it’s because Fringe has ended (for now, not forever, thank you TV gods) and now I actually have room for GoT (since I’d probably give myself a heart attack if I had such fervour for too many shows at once).

So, what happened this episode?

Well, Samwell Tarly was introduced and like every other character in this show, he is played by an excellent actor who really nails the role. Seriously, this show is so well cast. I can’t think of one cast member I dislike. Earlier in the production I was concerned about sticking close to book descriptions and wanting the cast to feel like the characters I imagined, but now I just don’t care. For instance, I was really upset to hear that Jennifer Ehle had been replaced by Michelle Fairley, and while I do still think Jennifer would have been awesome, Michelle just kills the role.

Speaking of, I’ve never been a huge fan of Lady Catelyn Tully-Stark, but I’ve always loved how she played that scene at the Crosswords Inn, and ever since HBO gave us all a glimpse of that scene so many weeks ago, cheekily cutting it off before the climax, I have been anxiously anticipating watching it in full and I’m happy to say that the show, and Michelle did not disappoint. I just love how even though the way Catelyn captures Tyrion is so completely awesome, storywise, her actions are completely stupid and have giant repercussions.

Now in the book, I was always delighted when Cat made poor decisions and basically vindicated my dislike for her, but show-wise, I already feel myself sympathising with her plight. Of course, I still love Tyrion. Peter Dinklage is brilliant in that role and as much as I’m excited for me, getting to watch him in that role, I’m so excited for him getting to play such a fantastic part.

My other favourite cast members:

Kit Harington. So, I find him extremely attractive on a physical level, so there’s that. He’s also playing one of my favourite characters, which only makes me love him more because he plays the role so well. I would have hated it if Kit had screwed up Jon. Loving characters I hated in the books is awesome, but hating or being disappointed in characters I loved in the books is plain unacceptable.  Of course, it’s not just the actor that brings a character to life (as much as I blame Chris Pang for ruining Lee in the film version of Tomorrow When the War Began, I blame the director and writers more), but we’re lucky everyone involved in this production is extremely talented.

Harry Lloyd. I remember when I first took notice of Harry, in a very superficial way, when he played Will Scarlett in Robin Hood. Since he seemed to do little else in that show but stand in the background looking hot, I assumed he couldn’t act. Then I saw him in Doctor Who. I am dumbfounded to this day that the writers of Robin Hood never gave this talented actor anything to do. So, anyway, I was stoked when I heard that Harry had scored the role of Viserys. I knew he would kill it, and he does. You have to respect anyone who can pull off Viserys’ ‘wake the dragon’ lines without melodrama.

Another actor who has made a character way more attractive than I imagined while reading the book is Aiden Gillen. I’ve never watched The Wire (I hear it’s great, but it’s never really seemed like my thing); the only thing I remember seeing Gillen in was an episode of Poirot. I enjoyed him in that, and I could easily see him playing Littlefinger. He has the perfect appearance for the role, though less smarmy and weaselly and more handsome than I imagined.

Maisie Williams. When I watch this girl, I forget that I’m watching a show. All I see is Arya. She’s such a natural. I also love her hairstyle. I look forward to watching her grow up on screen.

Actually all the kids are great. Jack Gleeson as Joffrey is not as handsome as I imagined, but geez does he act the part. Sophie Turner as well. I was worried about her seeming a little fake, but in context it totally works for the character. What teenage brats.

Miscellaneous Comments (as if this whole post wasn’t ill-structured from the start):

  • I can’t help it, but everytime I see Robb Stark (Richard Madden) I picture his head replaced by Grey Wind’s. This troubles me.
  • I’m loving all the new scenes. Like Jaime and Jory, and war stories with Barristan, Robert and Jaime. I loved getting to see Jaime basically living his day-to-day life. That is, his shithouse job being a door guard. Also loved getting to see more Theon this ep. I’m sure all the non-book viewers were wondering who this dude was.
  • I love how the random redheaded whore named Ros from the first episode has been made into a true character. Too bad she didn’t get to deflower Jon Snow (though I’m kinda happy he’s a virgin for reasons that trouble me a little). I wonder who’ll play the lucky Ygritte (well, somewhat lucky).
  • I always thought the whole ‘the seed is strong’ investigation thing, and the phrase itself, was one of the weakest parts of the book, and I’m finding it true for the tv show as well. Nice to see Gendry though. Shame about him and Arya. I was one of the ones who thought that they might hook up in the book. Clearly the show is not heading that way.
  • I’m not a fan of Bran’s endless dreaming in the book, but I don’t mind so much in the show. Mostly because it’s cut short for time. Also, love Old Nan.
  • It was nice to finally see Ghost this episode. More Ghost please.
  • Also, where was Ser Loras at the tournament? I hope they’re not cutting his joust with The Mountain that Rides.

Anyway, I’d better end my ramblings and go do something else. I’m so looking forward to the next episode. I can’t believe we’ll be halfway through the season. So happy the next book is out soon (I’ll be less happy if Brienne is dead) and that the show is getting a second season.

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story, Chapter 3 Part 4

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story

Chapter 3.  The Usual Suspects

Part 4: Chu Ga Eul    

Detective Song Woo Bin  

5 Jan.

1450 hours. Chu Ga Eul enters and bows respectfully. Too respectfully. I remind her that we’re cops not royals and she blushes. She looks up, sees Yi Jeong, and does a double-take. I feel personally insulted. Yi Jeong turns and I see his bruised eye. I feel better.

The girl’s cute, in that rustic sort of way. Stark difference to the dolled-up Miss Jae Kyung. Yi Jeong pulls out a chair and the girl seems grateful to sit down. I sit by her side on the table and Yi Jeong takes the seat opposite. Our presence makes the girl uncomfortable. A feeling exacerbated by our close proximity, and while Miss Ga Eul doesn’t yet warrant the use of intimidation tactics, I don’t move from my position.

‘Miss Ga Eul,’ Yi Jeong starts, ‘thank you for coming in. I understand that you were personally acquainted with Yun Ji Hoo as well as being his employee?’

‘No,’ she says. ‘Technically, I was working under my friend Bom Chun Sik, as a favour. He in turn was hired to cater for the Yuns for one night only. Therefore, Mr Yun cannot strictly be called Chef Bom’s, or my, employer.’

‘Are you a lawyer?’ I ask. I smile down at her, but she doesn’t even glance my way.

‘No, I teach kindergarten.’

Yi Jeong smiles, not his ladykiller beam, but a genuine one. I can see the rustic girl amuses him. ‘Are you so pedantic with your students?’

The girl’s brow crinkles. I think my boy has misjudged his audience. ‘I would hope that the lead investigator on a murder case would not consider a witness being as honest and truthful as she can be as being pedantic.’

Yi Jeong’s smile drops. ‘I apologise Miss Ga Eul.’ Sensing that the girl will no longer yield to the soft approach, he changes tactics. ‘May I take it from your words that you witnessed the murder of Yun Ji Hoo?’

Having had her pedantry turned back on her, the girl is chastened. ‘I am sorry, Detective So. I should have used different words. I did not witness the murder of Yun Ji Hoo.’ She fidgets with her hands in her lap and pulls her skirt further down her thighs, which are disappointingly covered with opaque tights anyway. She still doesn’t look at me, but neither does she face Yi Jeong.

Chu Ga Eul goes on to tell us how her friend, Bom Chun Sik, asked her to fill in for an employee who was off sick. Yi Jeong asks if it was difficult to act in a service capacity for a childhood friend – meaning Geum Jan Di, who had attended school with Chu Ga Eul.

‘No. Even though Jan Di-yah had married well. She remained my same friend.’ Chu Ga Eul smiles affectionately when speaking of her friend.

‘So, you and Geum Jan Di remained close after the wedding?’

‘Of course.’

‘Did Geum Jan Di and Yun Ji Hoo have a happy marriage?’

The question confuses Ga Eul. ‘Of course. They were soulmates. Jan Di is heartbroken.’

I see Yi Jeong grimace at the mention of soulmates.

‘So, you’ve seen Geum Jan Di since we informed her of her husband’s death this morning?’

‘Yes. I was with her when I received the call asking me to come to the police station to give a statement.’

It has been over four hours since we spoke to Geum Jan Di. More than enough time for her to conspire with her friend to conceal the truth – if she hadn’t already, and if she was guilty of course.

‘So you don’t believe that Jan Di…’

‘Jan Di did not kill Yun Ji Hoo.’ Shy Chu Ga Eul seems to have disappeared. ‘I don’t know what happened to Ji Hoo sunbae, but Jan Di loved him. She would never, never, hurt him.’

‘And what did she feel for Gu Jun Pyo?’

‘Gu Jun Pyo is best friends with her husband and Jan Di is…friends…with him as well. That is all.’ She finishes firmly.

‘All right Miss.’

Chu Ga Eul settles the moment her friend’s honour is no longer being questioned, but any hope of her previous geniality is gone.

‘If you do not believe Geum Jan Di capable of murder, how about Gu Jun Pyo?’

‘I don’t know,’ she says. ‘I don’t know him very well. I’ve only met him twice. I know he cares for Yun Ji Hoo very deeply. He was very against Jan Di marrying his friend at first. He’s a bit of an elitist snob and considered Jan Di to be a gold-digger, but he came around. It’s hard to think badly of Jan Di. She’s so pure and loyal.’

‘You don’t like Gu Jun Pyo.’

‘I never said that Detective So. It’s true that in our interactions he didn’t make the greatest impression, but I know he’s been a good friend to both Jan Di and Ji Hoo-sunbae.’

Yi Jeong opens his mouth to speak. I can tell he’s going to continue to push Chu Ga Eul so I step in. ‘How well do you know Ha Jae Kyung?’ I ask.

The girl blinks. Did she forget I was in the room? Aish.

‘I…see her often at Chun Sik’s porridge shop. She’s…very lovely.’

‘Miss Jae Kyung said that you overheard an argument between Gu Jun Pyo and Yun Ji Hoo?’

‘I did,’ she says, ‘Not very much. I just heard them shouting Jan Di-yah’s name, and I heard someone shout ‘saranghae’.’

‘Did you see or hear anything else that might help us solve Yun Ji Hoo’s murder?’

Ga Eul shakes her head. ‘I’m sorry. When I woke in the morning, Jan Di told me that Yun Ji Hoo had left in the night. I know she believed that to be the truth. Jan Di and Ji Hoo had fought the night before. She said it wasn’t serious, they were both simply overworked.’ She pauses. ‘I have been thinking about it, but I just can’t imagine how his death, his murder, might have occurred.’

Her voices trembles as she finishes speaking. She appears sincerely troubled by Yun’s death. Her eyes water and begin to drip with tears. Yi Jeong passes her his handkerchief. She accepts it. I wonder how Yi Jeong always seems to have a handkerchief on hand. Didn’t he give one to Geum Jan Di earlier?

‘Thank you for your honesty,’ Yi Jeong says gently. ‘I’m sure you wish to go comfort your friend, so we’ll end now, but please call us if you remember anything else.’

‘Thank you Detective So, Detective Song.’

Yi Jeong walks her out. When he returns I say, ‘That girl wears her emotions on her sleeve. If she was lying, she should be an actress.’

‘Please, she’s not nearly good-looking enough to be an actress.’

‘Yah,’ I say, ‘admit it. You thought she was cute. A prospect do you think?’

Yi Jeong acts nonchalant and gathers up the files from the table. ‘She’s a country bumpkin. Aish. I hate unsophisticated girls.’   

‘Thou doth protest too much brother,’ I say. I slap his back in a friendly gesture. ‘Just remember, no tampering with the witness while the case is open. Afterwards though, tamper away little buddy.’

Yi Jeong says nothing, but shoves me away.   

And you thought Chapter 3 would never end.

See F3 Reunite in…  

Chapter 4: The Best Friend

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story, Chapter 3 Part 3

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects

Part 3: Ha Jae Kyung  

Detective Song Woo Bin  

5 Jan.

1415 hours. Ha Jae Kyung, maid, smiles prettily as she enters. Her smile falters when it reaches me, and her expression reads as uncertain. She recognises me. My mind runs back through all the women I’ve known. I can’t find this Ha Jae Kyung.  

‘Have we met?’ I ask her.  

Her face immediately brightens. ‘Not until just now Detective Song.’ She takes my hand and shakes it warmly. She walks to her chair. I return to my spot near the wall and watch her mould her small, lithe body into the chair. Very nice.  

‘Miss Jae Kyung,’ Yi Jeong says.

‘Detective So!’ she gasps. ‘Are you all right?’

Yi Jeong blinks and touches his eye self-consciously. ‘I am fine Miss. Thank you for your concern. I’m afraid being a police detective sometimes brings me into contact with some unsavoury people.’

Jae Kyung’s eyes widen. ‘Did you catch them? The men who hurt your eye.’

Yi Jeong smiles and reaches across the table to take her hands in his. ‘Of course. I am very good at my job, among other things.’

Jae Kyung’s pale cheeks flush red. ‘I know. I’ve seen your work, your pottery. You’re very talented, especially to find time for your art when you must have to devote so much to your police duties.’

Man, another one. I need a hobby that makes the girls wet. Being able to take down men twice my side doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Just last week a hottie left me for a weak stick who cross-stitches – and I don’t even know what that is.

‘Thank you Miss Jae Kyung. Can you please tell us how did you come to be on the Yun yacht last night?’

‘Chef Bom asked me to help him cater the evening. I’ve been working in his porridge shop the past few months, ever since I returned from living overseas. The food is delicious, but the customers just don’t come, so Chef is in a bit of a pickle financially. His friend, Chu Ga Eul, got him the job with the Yuns. He hoped that the Yuns would enjoy his food and invest in the porridge shop. I guess that won’t happen now.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Yi Jeong says, ‘a girl as pretty as you need not worry about finding another job.’

Jae Kyung giggles in that familiar girlish way. Yeah, my boy’s the Man.  

‘If you don’t mind, Miss Jae Kyung, why were you working for Chef Bom in the first place?’

‘I’m sorry?’ Her doll-like face crinkles with confusion, but her eyes are oddly fearful.

‘We know who you are, Miss Ha. You’re the daughter of the former president of JK Group, who fled Korea with his family ten years ago after being indicted for fraud and embezzlement. Your father escaped as a very wealthy man so I’m sure you understand why it’s hard to believe that you would return to Korea to work in a porridge shop.’

Jae Kyung is clearly unsettled, but she takes a deep breath and speaks directly to Yi Jeong. ‘My father is a loving man Detective So, but one who has made many mistakes.’ She turns her doe eyes on me. ‘I do not wish to repeat his mistakes. I want to live an honest life, here, in my home country, and a private life as well. Do you understand?’

I understand. Jae Kyung knows who I am, my family. But she left Korea as a young girl, and only recently returned, so how can she know me?

‘I’m sorry for intruding on your private life Miss Jae Kyung. Please forgive me.’

‘Of course, Detective So. Please ask me any questions you think may help you solve Yun Ji Hoo’s murder. I want to help in any way I can.’

Her voice is as sweet as sugar, or is that the sweetness of Splenda I’m hearing?

‘Can you please tell us how you recognised Gu Jun Pyo when he boarded the Yun yacht last night?’

‘I read the papers,’ she says. ‘I’ve been away from home for so long. I tried to keep up to date as much as I could. Gu Jun Pyo, Yun Ji Hoo, even you Detective So and you Detective Song. I have read about all of you, and seen your pictures.’

‘I was in the paper?’ I ask.

‘Yes. In the society pages. The opening of your father’s club last April. And there were articles and pictures covering Detective So’s pottery exhibition last June.’

‘So the man you saw board Yun Ji Hoo’s yacht last night was Gu Jun Pyo.’


Yi Jeong continues. ‘Miss Jae Kyung, did you see either Yun Ji Hoo or Gu Jun Pyo after they entered the pool room that evening?’

Jae Kyung shakes her head. ‘No, but I did hear them.’ She lowers her eyes, as if reluctant to continue. ‘I went to ask if Masters Ji Hoo, or Jun Pyo wanted some supper, but I heard them arguing from behind the door and was afraid to enter. So I left.’

‘What were they arguing about?’

‘I tried not to eavesdrop. But I couldn’t help but hear some of it, when they raised their voices. Even Ga Eul, who remained in the kitchen, heard some of it. They shouted so loudly…I’m surprised that Chef and Geum Jan Di slept through it. Yun Ji Hoo was shouting his wife’s name, ‘why Geum Jan Di!’ he said. And Gu Jun Pyo said, ‘It’s always been Geum Jan Di.’ or something. Then Yun Ji Hoo said ‘Please Jun Pyo, don’t do this. And Gu Jun Pyo shouted ‘I love her’. And that’s all I heard.’

She stares at us expectantly. Yi Jeong thanks her for her cooperation and suspends the interview. I offer to walk her out, but strangely she declines. I watch her leave the room. There’s something about that girl, and I’m not sure which part of my anatomy is giving me that feeling.

‘Ha Ja Kyung’s story matches Chef Bom’s,’ Yi Jeong says, interrupting my thoughts, ‘and with her additional statements, it’s looking more and more likely that Gu Jun Pyo’s involved if not outright guilty.’

I sit on the table. ‘Fantastic.’ My tone is sarcastic, but Yi Jeong can tell I’m serious. I love to mess with the one percent.

‘Listen, maybe I should take Kim with me to see Gu Jun Pyo,’ Yi Jeong says. ‘I hear Gu has quite a temper.’

‘The murderous kind do you think.’

‘Maybe.’ He ignores my casual tone. ‘If he’s being fooling around with Yun’s wife, then he has motive and opportunity, not to mention the connections to clean up any mistakes made in the heat of the moment. I bet we won’t get anything useful back from forensics. If we have to go hard at Gu, it doesn’t matter if he’s our guy or not, he’ll swing back.’

I take his implication. If Gu comes after me, with my history…whatever, ‘I can handle myself. Besides, even Shinhwa knows to be cautious around a Song.’

Yi Jeong relents. He never expected to dissuade me; the rascal just likes to make sure I know when he’s right. ‘Well, before we visit your old school chum, let’s finish up with the other maid, Miss…’ he checks his pad, ‘Chu Ga Eul.’

SoEulmates will meet in…  

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects
Part 4: Chu Ga Eul

Charles, Margot, Jordan and the Logies

Ok, Channel 9, this is Charles Cottier:

And this is Margot Robbie:

Both of the aforementioned people were nominated for Logie awards last night, but you wouldn’t know it from the telecast as the camera showed Ryan Corr during Charles’ nom, and Valentina Novakovic during Margot’s. Great job Channel Nine.

In other news, Jordan Rodrigues was looking very nice in a suit as he got up to accept the award for Dance Academy. A pic’s going up as soon as I can find one, but for now there’s this:

Bring on Dance Academy Series 2.

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story, Chapter 3 Part 2

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects

Part 2: Bom Chun Sik  

Detective Song Woo Bin  

5 Jan.

1340 hours. Chef Bom Chun Sik is an odd-looking guy. He arrives apronned and bespectacled, a crumbly cream-coloured substance that I pray is food dots his clothing and face. He waves at us, even though we stand not a full metre away. I need to step back as he bows and greets us: ‘Annyeong haseyo’.

His eyes skitter about the room. They keep returning to the cameras, the recording equipment and our faces. He’s nervous. Amusingly nervous. He reminds me of Kang Hun, one of my father’s boys. Kang was a good guy. A foolish guy. Too good and foolish for the life he’d chosen. One day he was taken by our enemies and pressured to reveal certain things about my father’s business. Pabo blabbed and lost Father a lot of money. Afterwards, he kowtowed to Father for two days and three nights; he didn’t eat or sleep during this time. I know because Father had prohibited everybody from even acknowledging him. However, I snuck in now and then to tempt Kang with cakes and sweets, but Kang never budged from his supplicatory position. On the third day, when I saw that Kang had gone, I asked my father what had happened to him and Father told me, ‘the man who lays down his sword in penitence, must be forgiven’.

Aish, I hate flowery speak.

But if all men were plain-talking, my job wouldn’t be much fun.

‘Take a seat Chef Bom.’ I take point, sitting on the table by the suspect’s chair. I make a show of turning on the recorder. Yi Jung places a glass of water in front of Bom and sits in a chair to the side. Bom takes the water and gulps it down – too fast. He splutters up the excess, wipes his chin and grins sheepishly. ‘Mianhamida.’

I hold back a smile and hold a stern expression, dismissing his apology with a slight wave. ‘Chef Bom, last night your employer, Yun Ji Hoo was murdered.’ I pause, ‘why did you kill him?’

Bom blinks in rapid succession. His head shakes so much I expect it to fall off. ‘I…no…I didn’t kill him. I didn’t kill him. No, no, no!’

I laugh. Inappropriate? Maybe. This guy is so much like Kang Hun. ‘Relax buddy.’ I wonder if placing my hand on his shoulder would be reassuring. I do it anyway and he shrinks away from my touch. I guess not.

Bom stands abruptly. I react quickly, preparing myself in case he tries something stupid.

And he does, albeit in an unexpected manner.

‘It was Gun Jun Pyo!’ Bom blurts out. He gasps and clasps his hands over his mouth. He slinks back down into the chair, but the damage is done. The fool has implicated the head of Shinhwa group in a homicide investigation. I turn to Yi Jeong; he is not happy.

‘Chef Bom.’ Yi Jeong approaches the table. ‘What do you mean ‘it was Gu Jun Pyo”.

Bom shakes his head again. I realise why he’s such a fool; his brain must be scrambled inside from all that shaking.

‘Not Gu Jun Pyo Gu Jun Pyo.’ His voice drops to a whisper. He cups his mouth with his hand. ‘I believe that aliens from Andromeda possessed his body and killed Yun Ji Hoo.’

Pardonnez moi?

‘I saw the sign. On his hand.’ Bom pokes the back of hand between the thumb and forefinger. ‘The sign of Andromeda. Here, I drew a picture.’ He pulls paper from his pocket and unfolds it flat on the table.

‘What is that? A decapitated horse?’

Bom frowns. ‘No.’ He points at the central squiggle I thought was spilt blood. ‘This is the Andromeda bloom and these,’ he points to the head and tail, ‘are the cosmic wings.’

I don’t bother lowering my voice when I say, ‘ Yo Yi Jeong. I think we should call in Kim to test his blood.’ I turn to Bom. ‘Or are you just playin’?’

Bom stares at me with wide eyes. ‘They’re here. They’ve been coming here for decades. The Andromedans. Most of them are benevolent, but there is a bad faction.’

‘Did you see this Andromedan kill Yun Ji Hoo?’ Yi Jeong asks. His face appears to display sincere interest. I choose to stand back and keep my mouth shut.

‘No,’ Bom admits. ‘But the radio said he was murdered on the boat last night, so it must have been the Andromedan. Was he found with burns down his chest? Because Andromedans like to kill with…’

‘The body showed no indication of burning.’

‘Oh,’ Bom says. ‘How did he die?’

‘Food poisoning,’ I interject.

Chef Bom’s cheeks puff out comically and he sits straight up, but my man Yi Jeong wants to play good cop. He retracts my statement. ‘Chef Bom, you said that the Andromedan possessed Gu Jun Pyo’s body. Did you see Gu Jun Pyo on the boat last night?’

Yo, yo, yo, what’s this now? That woman didn’t mention anything about Gu Jun Pyo visiting the Yun yacht. I glance at Bom as he nods and says ‘Ye. I saw Gu Jun Pyo on the boat.’

I doubt any sane jury would consider him a reliable witness. Still, I remember how the Shinhwa boss embraced the Yun widow earlier. Love, jealousy. Both powerful motives for murder.

‘Why was he there?’

‘He came to visit Master Ji Hoo. I wish he had told me beforehand. I had already begun cleaning and packing by the time Mr Gu arrived.’

‘Gu Jun Pyo wasn’t an expected guest?’

‘Not for dinner at least.’

‘What time did he arrive?’

‘Aigoo, I don’t know. Shortly after Mistress Jan Di went to bed I think. She and Master Ji Hoo had had a fight. I think it was about Mr Gu. They kept their voices down, but I heard his name. I think the Mistress was probably upset that the Master had invited Mr Gu over when it was supposed to be their special night. And later when Gu Jun Pyo arrived, the Master didn’t seem very happy to see him. He didn’t even greet him, just took him into the pool room right away, but not before I saw and recognised the Andromeda sign. That was the last time I saw either man that night.’

I went to school for a time with the self-described almighty Gu Jun Pyo. We weren’t friends, I doubt he remembers me, but Gu was impossible to ignore. As a boy he had a short fuse. I don’t doubt he’s capable of murder, but Yun Ji Hoo was his best friend. I’ve felt the cold grip of rage myself, but turning that on Yi Jeong…never. 

‘You didn’t see or hear Gu Jun Pyo or Yun Ji Hoo leave the boat during the night?’

‘No. I went to sleep early. Ga Eul and Jae Kyung said they would finish up for me, since I’d been cooking all day. They’re good friends. When I woke in the morning the ship was already at port. Geum Jan Di thanked us for the food and bid us farewell. I assumed Master Yun and Mr Gu left before I woke. I didn’t even know something had happened to Master Yun until you called earlier.’

‘What are your impressions of The Yun couple, and Gu Jun Pyo?’ Yi Jeong asks.

Bom clasps his hands together and his eyelids flutter as he muses, ‘Mistress Jan Di is very pretty, very pretty. I had only seen Yun Ji Hoo in pictures and in If I only met you drama, but he is much more beautiful in person, and though I only glimpsed Mr Gu for a moment, I could see that he was very handsome as well.’

Yi Jeong leans forward in his seat. ‘You hadn’t met Gu Jun Pyo before?’


‘Or seen his picture?’

‘That’s right.’

Catching on, I finish Yi Jeong’s line of questioning, ‘So, if Ji Hoo didn’t greet his friend when he boarded the boat, how did you know that the man you saw was Gu Jun Pyo?’

Bom blinks. ‘I didn’t. It was Ha Jae Kyung who recognised him. She told me that man was Gu Jun Pyo.’

Find out what Monkey knows in…

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects
Part 3: Ha Jae Kyung

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story, Chapter 3 Part 1

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects

Part 1: Jung Sang Rok

Detective Song Woo Bin

5 Jan.

1105 hours. Every crow in the city stands between us and the station. Their beady eyes gleam as I open the car door. They descend almost immediately and for once, I’m not sure there’s enough of me to go around.

I follow Yi Jeong’s lead. He pushes through them, not even pausing for a quick ‘no comment’. Strange. My bro’s usually a ho for the crows, especially the cute ones. I wonder if his black eye has put him off his game.

We make it inside, limbs intact. I tell my boy that his eye makes him look gangsta, that the crows don’t know it came from some dumb moll who didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘casual’. Yi Jeong doesn’t face me as he grins and slaps me on the back. He leaves and walks to the front desk. I hear him tell the receptionist to ensure our suspects/witnesses enter through the side door.

I wonder if I’m wrong about how he earnt that eye.

1310 hours. Captain Jung Sang Rok enters the interrogation room. He sits in the provided chair. He’s a tall man, and austere. Yi Jeong and I offer him coffee and donuts. He declines.

‘Interview with Captain Jung Sang Rok commences, 1311 hours.’

Yi Jeong takes point. I hang near the back to observe, otherwise known as relaxing on a caffeine high. Easiest part of the job.

‘You understand why you’re here Captain Jung.’

Jung nods.

‘You need to voice your responses Captain Jung.’

‘Yes, I understand.’

‘You are personally as well as professionally acquainted with Yun Ji Hoo, is that correct?’

‘Yes, my father was employed by Master Ji Hoo’s grandfather and his father and I were childhood friends. After the death of his parents, I tried to be there for him as much as I could and after my retirement, he offered me a job and I accepted.’

‘You were in the navy for twenty-two years, attaining the rank of Captain?’

Jung nods. ‘That is correct.’

Yi Jeong continues to question Jung’s relationship with the dead man. I watch Jung closely. He speaks calmly and securely. The stark opposite to that woman. His eyes are dry, but I see the sadness. This man grieves.

Yi Jeong asks Jung to recount the previous evening’s events and Jung confirms what the wife had already told us: Jung prepared for the Yuns arrival, left the yacht around seven after the couple had settled in, and went directly home to his family.

My instincts about people are excellent, I’m alive today because of them, and right now they’re telling me that whatever happened to Yun Ji Hoo, this man was not a part of it, and if he knew anything, he would have sought us out long before we needed to call him in. But a man’s gut feeling isn’t proof, not by the law anyway, and by the law is the path I’ve chosen to follow.

‘How did the couple seem yesterday evening?’ Yi Jeong asks.

‘Mistress Jan Di did not kill Master Ji Hoo.’

I pre-empt Yi Jeong and ask, ‘So who did?’

My partner turns to frown at me. I ignore him. Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach.

Jung takes a few moments. I sense he wants to help catch Yun’s killer, but he isn’t able to. His lips form a straight line. ‘I don’t know,’ he says.

I place a hand on Yi Jeong’s shoulder. He understands. The others would ignore my instincts, but Yi Jeong trusts me. He’s always had my back, even when we were small.

‘Interview suspended 1332 hours. Thank you, Captain Jung. Please call us if you remember anything else.’

Jung nods, bows and takes his leave.

‘Man doesn’t know anything,’ I say. ‘Do you believe him about the wife?’

Yi Jeong turns to stare at me through his bad eye. ‘The faithful man is the easiest to fool,’ he says. Somehow, I know he’s not talking about Jung Sang Rok. 

Song and So continue to get their detective on in…

Chapter 3. The Usual Suspects
Part 2: Bom Chun Sik

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story Main Page

So, it’s been nearly two years since I updated the Boys Before Flowers fan fic ‘Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story’.

My BBF phase passed and I lost the motivation to finish the story. However, I have recently been rewatching the series and it’s just as ridiculously awesome as ever, so I’m going to finish the story I started so long ago.

I’ll link to all the chapters from this page. If you like the story, please comment after each chapter, especially with predictions or speculation as this is the first mystery/crime type thing I’ve ever written and I’d like to see if I strike the right balance between revealing clues and holding back. As it stands now, the story will be eleven twelve chapters long, with Chapter 3 being in four parts, so 14 parts all up. I’ll try and update weekly.

Cheers everyone!

Kkotboda Namja: A Detective Story

When a pretty boy idol is killed, Detectives So Yi Jeong and Song Woo Bin are determined to bring his murderer to justice. 

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction inspired by the above picture, and based on Kkotboda Namja, the Korean live-action adaptation of Hana Yori Dango by Yoko Kamio. Sorry, for any technical failures on my part, particularly those related to Korea and the Korean language and culture. Apart from watching BBF I didn’t do any research for this.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3, Part 1
Chapter 3, Part 2
Chapter 3, Part 3 – NEW
Chapter 3, Part 4 – NEW

Tomorrow, when the war began: the movie (yeah!)

Tomorrow, when the war began

"Seven teenagers take a trip to Hell. And seven come back. To Hell."

So, I few weeks ago I complained about how filmmakers were remaking ‘Red Dawn’ when there still wasn’t a Tomorrow film. I asked how long I was going to have to wait for this film, and it turns out–not long at all.

Sources: Slashfilm, Reuters

Stuart Beattie (writer of Collateral, 30 Days of Night, co-writer of Australia) is going to write and direct an adaptation of John Marsden’s ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’. Not only that, but he has plans to turn the next two books into films as well, and if they are successful, spin off the franchise into a tv series. Apparently, production begins in September (so soon!). Though this film will be Beattie’s first time directing, his writing credits are extremely varied and fill me with hope that this could be the adaptation I’ve been waiting for.

Beattie says the film will be the first Australian action film since ‘Mad Max’ and addresses the film’s similarities with ‘Red Dawn’ by using a very comforting comparison:

“Do you remember when The Full Monty and Striptease were coming out together? They came out within months as the exact same premise — the parent strips for money so they can see their kid. But completely different. One was all flash and rockin’ body, and the other was completely the opposite, of total insecurity about getting up onstage. We’re more like the Full Monty version.”

This journo makes a far less comforting comparison, but thankfully, she has no connection to the film at all.

So, I am very excited about this film. I also love Beattie’s idea for a trilogy, then a tv show. I never thought all seven books would be made into films, I will be happy with just the first one being made, but a trilogy would be great! I think John Marsden himself had planned to end the series with the third book, but popular demand led the series to continue. Anyway, ‘The Third Day, The Frost’ (I wonder if they’ll keep the name) has the perfect ending for a film series. 

Now, I’m hanging out for a cast list. I assume most will be complete unknowns, but I’m sure a few familiar names will crop up. I wonder how Chris Hemsworth feels about this film.

Also, where are they filming? In the locations John Marsden has stated inspired him? I hope Hell isn’t just a soundstage.

East of Eden, episode 13

Dong Chul tries to get photographic evidence of Attorney Kim’s betrayal. Meanwhile Kim tells Tae Hwan that he thinks DC is on to him.

Dong Chul comes to talk with his Aunt. She tells him to go see DW and make sure he doesn’t desert the army on Ji Hyun’s behalf. She also tells him to come to his mother’s birthday the next day. She also tries to get him to get her a job at the casino. Guk Ja is there and finds the Aunt very amusing. I find the aunt amusing as well (in this scene anyway), when Guk Ja excuses herself, the aunt says ‘you should have done that earlier, can’t you read a situation’. The aunt tells DC that Guk Ja was asking lots of questions about him, and to be careful as casino girls don’t make good wives (Guk Ja was dressed as a dealer). 

Min Hye Rin’s english is excellent. Best on the show, which works out because she apparently teaches english as a second language. She’s teaching them useless things about American football though. Anyway, HR’s mother comes to see her. I think she really cares about HR, she’s putting in too much effort otherwise. It kinda makes HR’s behaviour a little harsh in retrospect. So, HR’s mum has learnt about Ji Hyun, as in that DW already has a girlfriend.  I love Lee Da Hae in this scene (her later scene too actually, subtlety suits her) especially her expression when her mum mentions DW’s girlfriend. Poor HR, for once she can’t retort as she knows DW is indeed in love with another. 

DC visits Ki Sun at her work. It’s nice to see some brother/sister bonding. Ki Sun says that DC and DW share a mind and body. DC corrects her and says the three of them are like one, but he’s just being nice, all his actions prove that Dong Wook is his one and only.  

DC then goes to visit Ji Hyun. She tells him about the baby (aka. his enemy’s blood) and her decision to give up Dong Wook. She also tells him about her mother’s rape. She gives him a letter for DW. She asks whether he will seek revenge on her if she joins Tae Hwan’s family. He doesn’t answer. She then asks if he will seek revenge on her baby. He says the feud will end in this generation. I can’t believe the way DC averts his eyes and can’t even say he won’t hate the baby. Anyway, DC went there to tell Ji Hyun not to give up DW, but leaves thinking it’s best if they separate. 

The Priest takes Ji Hyun to Myung Hun’s house. That priest sucks. What is Ji Hyun thinking? Certainly not of her baby. Last episode I had begun to change my mind about Ji Hyun and now…sacrificing DW and her child for what? Revenge against Chun Hee? Or does she hate herself that much? 

TH doesn’t want JH in his family. Everybody else reminds him of how they let lowly him marry into their family, but it’s Ji Hyun who changes his mind. I still don’t get where Ji Hyun’s mind is at, I hope she’s not going to be like Suzaku from Code Geass, whom continued to make decisions that weren’t logical extensions of his motives. Also, Nurse Yoo really did the Lees a favour by swapping Myung Hun for Dong Wook. 

So, DC visits DW. It’s like when DC visited DW after school that time. Except, DW now wears actually military clothes. The brothers visit their father’s grave and DC flashes back to that tear-inducing funeral. DW’s so adorable, and so in love with his hyung. Anyway, it seems like DC wants to build another Las Vegas over the mining village where they grew up. When they get back to DW’s base, DW asks DC to look after JH. DC tells DW to give her up, but DW says he won’t. DC gives him the letter. Later, DW reads it and is heartbroken. Personally, I think he could do way better anyway. 

Meanwhile, Wang Gun is getting ready to enact his  revenge on Guk, with help from Attorney Kim. DC finds out but is too far away to help so he calls Dok Sa and co. They manage to save Guk but not before he sustains a severe beating. (Q. When did Wang Gun depart ways from the gang? He was the leader and now he’s left by the wayside?). 

So, DC finally arrives and Guk Ja goes off at him for letting this happen. Guk sends them to President Min for some reason. Also, DC finds Guk Ja’s audio diary and hears the entry she made after they first met, unfortunately, he doesn’t hear the more obsessive messages about him that she’s made since.  So Guk Ja and DC go to President Min’s house. Guk Ja stands up quite nicely to HR’s mother, and something DC said convinced Min to cancel his association with Tae Sung Construction. 

Hye Rin rocks up just as they’re leaving. So, it turns out Guk Ja and Hye Rin were friends a long time ago before Guk Ja went overseas. Guk Ja calls her ‘unnie’. The girls exchange pleasantries, but Hye Rin’s eyes are on DC (but despite being obvious about it, Guk Ja doesn’t notice). They don’t get introduced, but it looks like HR’s been thinking about what her mother said about her being a fool to wait around for someone who’s in love with someone else. So, if she can’t have DW, why not that nice boat guy who fixed her shoe and gave her a lift. DC returns her meaningful looks as well. I’m still behind Guk Ja and DC though. 

The episode ends on a random shot of President Guk in hospital. He’s still badly injured, but he manages an evil grin. Is he evil?